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From automatic video downloads and DVR health monitoring, to instant GPS data retrieval and more, TouchDown II™ provides all the best features to take control of your school busses’ security at a time and place that’s most convenient for you.

Video Command Center

Video Command Center

With the TouchDown II™ Video Command Center software application, you can call all the shots and take control of your fleet from wherever and whenever is most convenient for you. Under this convenient, centralized interface, you can manage your vehicles, with video, GPS and G-Force data control right at your fingertips.

  • Saves you time and money to have one centralized interface
  • Allows for fleet management from any location, any time of day
Auto/On-Demand Marked-Video Transfer

Auto/On-Demand Marked-Video Transfer

Set any flagged or “marked” video clips to be automatically downloaded onto the server through pre-defined settings, or request access on-demand by user-specified criteria. You can also automatically download any available metadata (G-Force & GPS data) to the server, as well.

  • Automatic data transfer
  • All video is transferred whether drivers report in or not
  • Video clips can be pulled on-demand
  • User-specified criteria (such as vehicle type, date, time, etc.) helps find the exact video clip you need
DVR Auto Health Check

DVR Auto Health Check

Once initiated, the DVR unit will perform routine system checkpoints to ensure everything is functioning properly. If any problems arise, they will be reported and you’ll be notified via the TouchDown™ Video Command Center.

  • Peace of mind
  • Automatic status reporting of DVR, cameras, temperature, etc.
  • Immediate status updates to help you quickly resolve any issues that arise
Hands-Free Wireless Transfer

Hands-Free Wireless Transfer

This feature makes video and data transfer seamlessly easy. HandsFree™ does the work so you don’t have to!

  • Hands-free video and data transfer via high-speed wireless Internet
  • No unnecessary cables or hard drives to deal with
  • Remote access from any location
Secure Video Storage

Secure Video Storage

Rest assured that your video surveillance is stored securely with this proprietary encryption-protocol feature. For your protection, only the DVRViewer™ software application may be used to play your recorded videos.

  • Data protection
  • Video access by authorized users only
DVR Remote Maintenance

DVR Remote Maintenance

With remote maintenance, you’ll never have to go to your busses to adjust system settings. Using the TouchDown II™ Video Command Center, you can make changes from any location.

  • Easy and convenient maintenance
  • Setting changes and software upgrades available whenever and wherever you want
Minitrack™ GPS Vehicle Tracking

Minitrack™ GPS Vehicle Tracking

MiniTRACK™ uses GPS tracking to tell you where your vehicle has been, how fast it was going, the times and locations it’s stopped at, if it spent time idling, and more. Use this information for liability management, training, and predicting future needs for your vehicle—all without any monthly or recurring fees.

  • Map view of data
  • Video-clip synchronization for viewing specific events
  • Events can be mapped to a particular route or geographic location
  • Easily exportable data to use for analyzing or archiving
  • Data text reports
DriveSafe™ Driving Performance Manager

DriveSafe™ Driving Performance Manager

By adding the DriveSafe™ package using the G-Force module, you’ll be able to gain access to accelerometer data and analyze vehicle movement in all directions. You’ll also have the ability to establish your own threshold levels or use the defaults provided. This performance manager even lets you view video recordings of “impact” events, working in conjunction with video to deliver the ultimate driving training and liability-management tool.

  • Vehicle movement and impact data
  • Driving habits and G-forces can be assessed during starts, stops, sharp turns, etc.
  • Videos of impact events can be reviewed so you know exactly what happened to your vehicle and can easily resolve liability issues
Scalable From 1 to 1000+ Vehicles

Scalable From 1 to 1000+ Vehicles

No matter how many vehicles are in your fleet, TouchDown II™ has the capability to handle more than 1,000 at a time, and is able to seamlessly integrate additional vehicles at any time with a few simple clicks.

  • Expandability
  • Upgradable whenever you are for long product-service life
  • Greater return on investment as the number of vehicles increases

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