​​Undergraduate Tuition & Fees

2020-2021 tuition for general programs




full-time tuition​ (12-18 credit hours)
​part-time tuition (1-11 credit hours)
​online degree completion program

​2020-2021 tuition for specialized programs



animal science/pre-veterinary medicine*
equestrian studies (english) Freshman & Sophomore
equestrian studies (western) Freshman & Sophomore
​​Equestrian Studies (English & Western) Junior & Senior
medical laboratory science
nuclear medicine/ sonography/pet/ct (certificate)
pharmacy (doctor of pharmacy)
nursing, sophomore, junior, senior
intensive english language program (ielp)
​intensive english language program (ielp) summer

Room & dining



​room (residence hall, double occupancy)
dining (meal plan 1, 2, 3 for students living on-campus)
(contingent on plan selection)
​commuter dining meal plan (arch plan)




​student activity fee (non-refundable)
​​general service fee (non-refundable)​$505$1,010​
one-time registration fee (freshmen/transfers/readmits​)

one-time orientation fee (freshmen, transfers)


Part-Time Undergraduate Tuition & Fees 2020-2021

part-time pharmacy tuition
$1,568 per semester hour
part-time english equestrian studies*$3,945+ $777 per semester hour
part-time western equestrian studies*$3,626 + $777 per semester hour
Part-time English & Western Equestrian**$83 + $777 per semester hour
part-time animal science/pre-veterinary medicine*$1,178 + $777 per semester hour
part-time nursing$802 per semester hour
intensive english language program (ielp - 6 or less hours)
$622 per semester hour
​regular academics (less than 12 semester hours)
​$777 per semester hour
​additional hours (in excess of 18 semester hours)
​$777 per semester hour
​online degree completion
​$473 per semester hour

senior citizen students must contact the office of financial aid
(60 years+ and retired, limit ​1 course per semester; does not include audit)

10% of tuition

audit - full-time undergraduate studentno charge
audit - part-time undergraduate/graduate student$50 per hour
audit - findlay alumni (must contact the office of financial aid)$50 per course

undergraduate fees:

general service fee – 9 hours or less (non-refundable)
$50​ per semester hour
general service fee – more than 9 hours (non-refundable)$505​ per semester
student activity fee – 6 or less than12 hours (non-refundable)$75 per student per session

Other 2020-2021 Charges & Fees 

private music lessons (one 1/2 hour lesson per week)$175 plus tuition​

proficiency exam$100
independent st​udy/directed study fee (main campus rate)
$100 plus tuition
official transcripts$6​


* charge is for students taking freshman and sophomore level equine courses

** charge is for students taking junior and senior-level equine courses. the tuition cost over and above the regular academic program helps defray the cost of operations for the farms and equestrian training.

see the online academic course schedule for special course fees.​