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Customize Your Ultimate Fleet Video Management System

Wireless Automation

Manage and configure your video recording system from the comfort of your office. The wireless automation feature lets you enjoy video/GPS/vehicle data delivered automatically to your computer.

More Than 1 Month of Video Storage

Opt for the ZEUS HD™ mDVR with 1 TB DHD storage without compromising on video quality (720 x 480 DPI; 30 FPS).

Vehicle Battery Protection

Experience the convenience of the system’s integrated cut-off timer, which isolates the camera from the vehicle’s battery six hours after the ignition is turned off.

Dual-Stage Hybrid Drive (DHD) Recording

Innovative technology that combines the rugged reliability of solid-state drive (SSD) recording with the storage capacity of hard-disk drives (HDD) into one single removable unit.

Email Warning Notifications

Should any issues or concerns arise with your vehicles, you’ll receive quick and automatic email alerts* on your computer or mobile device. (*Available with touchdown wireless only)

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ZEUS HD™-Compatible Digital Video Cameras

Get the best video surveillance for your vehicles - inside and out.

Each of 247Security’s diverse cameras are built to withstand the harsh effects of impact, vibration and weather that are inherent in the daily operation of your school bus fleet. Select any combination of up to eight interior or exterior cameras and get the customized surveillance coverage you’re looking for inside and out.

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Dual-Stage Hybrid Drive

Combining the reliability of solid-state drive (SSD) recording with the cost-effective storage capacity of hard disk drives (HDD), the removable Dual-Stage Hybrid Drive (DHD) unit prevents problems associated with conventional hard-disk recording systems - all backed by a 10-year warranty!

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We're confident that you'll love our fleet surveillance systems, but that's up to you to decide! Test out your system for a 60-day trial period and you'll have the freedom to make that decision at no cost or obligation to your district. Schedule your free demo today!

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