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Introducing Zeus HD

A multifaceted, high-definition, 8-channel digital video recorder with wireless automation and more.

Customizable to suit your fleet’s specific needs, the ZEUS HD mDVR offers everything from advanced-functioning 30-30 Vision™ and groundbreaking hybrid-drive technology, to GPS, wireless functionality and more. All in dynamic High Definition!

  • High Definition Recording on ALL 8 Channels
  • 1 TB Dual-Stage Hybrid Drives
  • Email Warning Notifications
  • More than 1 Month of High-Definition Video Storage
  • Wireless Automation
  • Vehicle Battery Protection
  • Windshield Cameras
  • Dome Cameras
  • Low-Profile Interior Infrared (IR) Cameras
  • Exterior Cameras
  • Wide Dynamic Range (WDR) Cameras
  • Stop-Arm Camera Systems
  • Vehicle Tracking (Stopping, Speeding, Idling, and More)
  • Video Synchronization
  • Data Text Reports
  • Exportable Data for Analyzing or Archiving
  • One Centralized Interface
  • Up to 8 cameras simultaneously
  • Calendar Date Access
  • Image Blur Capability
  • Integrated One Click Map Access
  • Proprietary .dvr or .avi file Format Options

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  • With the increasing importance of school bus video, Poland CSD decided to sign with Famtec...

    J. Delucia // Transportation Director // Poland CSD, NY
  • We have been doing business with FAMTEC and 247 SECURITY for 10 years...

    J. Wainwright // Assistant Transportation Supervisor // Saratoga Springs City SD, NY
  • With Famtec's fleet inspection program I have been able to keep my systems up to date...

    L. Wilson // Supervisor of Transportation // Union Endicott Central SD, NY
  • We've been using the 247 systems for 10+ years. The Zeus systems have proven to be very reliable...

    R. Skibitski // Transportation Fleet Manager // Wayne Public SD, NJ
  • I have had a very good experience with 247 systems...

    S. Johnson // Transportation Supervisor // Dumont Board of Education, NJ
  • I have had 247's Touchdown System up and running for over 3 years...

    M. Sweeney // Transportation Supervisor // Sherburne-Earlville CSD, NY
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